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Join The Ecom Heroes "Winning Products Club" Now!

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With every single winning product we list on our website, we also include valuable insights that will help you understand how to do better than your competitors. From highly-converting ad copy to pricing suggestions, and even the competitor research information is available for you.

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Join The Ecom Heroes "Winning Products Club" Now!

Any Questions left?

Frequently asked questions


Yes, you can cancel your Ecom Heroes Membership anytime. There is no minimum contract time. The account will be changed to free after the last billing period, you will lose access to all the premium features in your Membership.

We offer a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee on all our paid memberships that gives confidence that our services will meet your expectations. If more than 30 days from the date of Payment have passed, we encourage you to contact our Ecom Heroes Success Team by email info (@) to resolve any issues you may be encountering. We reply within a few hours.

Please be aware that we can’t offer a refund if you have booked and taken any 1:1 consulting calls, offered in the Launch-PROMO Annual Membership.

Right now, we don’t offer any free memberships. 

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Winning Products

We can’t guarantee any sales, since generating sales in your Online Shop depends on a variety of influences besides the information we provide – e.g. Shop, Targeting, Ad Accounts, Timing and many more.

We are publishing Product Ideas on a daily basis in different niches. 

Yes, you can use the videos in the Media Section of our product ideas .

We researched any content with best knowledge and diligence. Though we don´t take any liability, so you will use them in your own responsibility.

Yes, you can use the images in the Product Gallery and  Media Section of our product ideas .

We researched any content with best knowledge and diligence. Though we don´t take any liability, so you will use them in your own responsibility.

The Product description can be copied, though as with any other content of the Product Ideas we recommend to do your own research and enhance, optimize the content to your needs and your customer language.

The Advertising targeting suggestion should give you an example how you can target the products.

As with any other content of the Product Ideas we recommend you to do your own research and test different targeting options, depending on your needs (language, demographics, ..).

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